Amazing webinars from Teledyne LeCroy

Slide from Part 4 about probe connection

Just a little announcement: Teledyne LeCroy has published Fundamentals of Power Integrity Webinar series, and they are worth watching. There are robing techniques, limitations of the scopes, limitations of the probes, common mistakes, and nice, vivid examples of real measurement setups.

Of course, about a half of each video is about “how cool is it to measure things with a $70k scope and $30k accessories set”, but the other half covers general rules and principles, and sometimes even approaches, practical for low- and middle-end scopes with a simple 10x probe.

So. Be sure, that’s not a waste of time. Watch all the series (currently available are 5 out of 8, the rest will be published soon).

Topics to be covered:

Link to the first part (and all the others):



Makes interconnects suck less

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